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Collaboration is Key!

My two year marker for operating independently is fast approaching and so thought it a good time to note why collaborations have been key to many of the successes I have seen during this period.

1. People do business with People

No matter how much digital advancements consistently reach to automate our working practice, and for the better I might add, the fact is people still do business with people. As a self-employed individual it has been vital that I continue to connect with my market whether it is my existing or potential clients. And these connections are still very much made on a level of personal human touch!

2. Opening Doors to new Possibilities

Touching base with the odd network, attending workshops and generally just being out and about has certainly positively impacted my business opportunities. Even at social events I now ensure I am armed with business cards as you never know who you might chance meet and spark interesting and fruitful conversations with. Most recently a workshop I attended has seen the door open to the invitation to join a collaborative working environment, which I have absolutely no doubt will fuel success in 2019!

3. Arming yourself with a Team

As a self-employed individual I am not talking about arming yourself with a team in the traditional sense. It is much more about surrounding yourself by people who positively influence you and help drive your success. The journey to Malawi this year drew me back to understanding how valuable the team of people around you is. This has since seen me join the most wonderful group, Western Women Mean Business, who are not a network, nor a traditional team but most like a family who look out for each other, work collaboratively together and drive positive changes for each and every member.

Malawi Women's Challenge Team pictured in the Satemwa Tea Estates - May 2018

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