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Essential 5 - Writing for your Audience and the Internet

Writing to meet the needs of your reader AND the Internet can sometimes be considered a bit of a minefield. Yes, every article must meet SEO requirements, however more vitally your article must speak to your audience. There is little point in producing a piece of writing that shows up at the top of a search engine that no one wants to read. Analytics may show a positive ‘click thru’ rate but is there a positive ‘stay rate’? In fact if you do manage to get your article to feature at the top of a search engine, it won’t remain there for long if your ‘stay rate’ is poor.

Here are 5 essential tips to get you right on track:

1. Subheadings

Headings make text easier to read for your visitor and in turn are valued by search engines, increasing your chances of a higher ranking. Your text should be broken up with headings at relevant points.

2. Meaningful Subheadings

Ensuring headings are meaningful, speak to your customer and are reiterated throughout the text will satisfy your audience and the search engine. If the reader can quickly identify the relevance of the article to them they are more likely to continue reading.

3. Readability

Readability for your audience is not only aided by the introduction of subheadings but also by ensuring your sentences are not too lengthy. There are conflicting views from professionals, however aim not to exceed 20-25 words per sentence for a good readability rating.

4. Key Words

Make sure relevant key words are not only programmed into the backend of your website but are also situated in the front end. This proves to the reader that your article is a valuable read for them.

5. Images

Inserting relevant images into your article is not only great for readability, but is also proven to aid the reader in maintaining information. Associated images will aid understanding and an aesthetically pleasing article will only encourage continued readership. 

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