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Inspiring ideas with TED Talks

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Discovering TED Talks

I have always been aware of TED Talks however it is only recently that I have taken to actively seeking a daily dose of ‘inspiring chat’. The medium has opened my eyes to the possibilities and keeps me thinking creatively. With the spirit and mission of “ideas worth sharing”, TED talks provide an invaluable source of information, creative thinking and access to connect with unequivocally inspiring individuals across the globe.

Gain a New Perspective

By engaging with TED talks as opposed to the monotonous soaps and dramas churned out on TV there is a real opportunity to learn, gain a different perspective and discover a topic you may never have considered. Pretty much every single topic in life is covered by a TED talk in some form or another. It’s certainly worth engaging with something that interests you initially, but then consider branching out into the less known, you never know you may evoke a new thought process!

Casey Brown at TEDx Event

I recently watched a talk by Casey Brown titled ‘Know your Worth, and Then Ask for it’. This highly resonated with the circumstances of setting up my own business. When considering how to price my services as a start-up I struggled with how to value myself. I am fully aware of my abilities to deliver strategic business development and marketing solutions to a high standard, but how do I value that standard? Casey talks real sense about how you should analyse the worth you can bring to your client and offset this against pricing your services. Yes, there will be trial and error phase, and perhaps requirements for negotiation, but one thing that I have taken from this is to not undervalue my skills and be confident in the services I can deliver. She comments on how male professionals tend to earn more than their female equivalents. Why? Because women are less comfortable in communicating their value, particularly in the early stages of business negotiation. Food for thought..

Realise your Potential

Not only has engaging with TED helped me to recognise my own potential but it has also allowed me to identify aspects for discussion with my clients. One area that I am driven to support is raising the aspirations of young people and supporting them to achieve the goals and dreams. Perhaps encouraging a little open mindedness in our younger generation will also have a positive impact on combating issues such as mental health, anti-social behaviour, and unemployment just to name a few.

An Actionable Task

So I put a task to you. Jump online on your laptop, tablet or mobile. Download the TED application and start discovering today. 

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